I feel deeply committed to serve as a devoted caretaker of this amazing place known as Island County, and having lived on Whidbey Island and spent the last nine years working intimately with the Board of Island County Commissioners, I wish to continue the forward movement of both sense and compassion established by Helen Price-Johnson and other community leaders.

- Melanie Bacon


Declaration of Interdependence

I am going to speak today at a meeting with Indivisible Whidbey, and to prepare for that I looked at the website for Indivisible Washington, to get a better idea of the Indivisible platform. Reading their platform, the things they say are important to them, I remembered something lovely that had happened to me a few years ago that I had forgotten about.

In 2013, I received an email from a Unitarian Universalist pastor in Palo Alto, California, Reverend Amy Zucker Morgenstern, who asked me if an internet posting I had made in February 1999, long before such things were called "posts", could be included in a packet of worship materials she was putting together for distribution to Unitarian Universalist churches all over the country. I told her that of course I would be honored. I guess the piece remained in use, because three years later I was contacted by the Unitarian Universalist Church in Whidbey, who was planning to use it in a worship service and invited me to attend. A short internet search this morning shows that the piece has also been used by Progressive Christianity dot org, by the Association of Global New Thought, who have it posted several places online including on a slide show, also by Singing Heart Yoga, because of its resonance with Buddhism, and has been referenced by the Co-Intelligence Institute and a website called Abundance Created Together, and many others.

I am sharing the piece here to allow you to know the heart of who I am and what I believe.

The Declaration of Interdependence

We hold these truths to be self-evident:
That all life is interconnected, and endowed by our Creator with certain inalienable rights and responsibilities,
That among these are presence, compassion, and the pursuit of happiness.
That to secure these rights and responsibilities,
We open our minds and hearts to the needs of others, and our own true needs,
We hear the sound of the living universe in our ears, and add our voices to the song,
We live every moment with awareness of the purity and power of existence.
And for the support of this Declaration, we pledge to each other our love and our breath,
For the freedom of the one is the freedom of the all, and the pain of the one is the pain of the all;
The breath of the one is the breath of the all, and the breath of the all is the breath of God.

Melanie Bacon
February 14, 1999


New Endorsements for Melanie in Her Bid for District I

Melanie Bacon Candidate Home Page

Melanie Bacon has been officially endorsed by: 

- The Legislative District Democrats https://www.10thlddemocrats.org/  

- The National Women's Political Caucus https://www.nwpcwa.org/ 

- Dr. Grethe Cammermeyer https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Margarethe_Cammermeyer

Letter: Bacon would think globally, act locally as commissioner

The name Melanie Bacon will be on the Aug. 4 ballot for Island County commissioner, District 1, the seat being vacated by Helen Price Johnson. The top two will be on the Nov. 3 ballot.
Melanie is my choice for this important position, which closely affects our daily lives. She is a good listener, and her varied background experiences place her in the position of readiness. She has worked in Island County government for 10 years and is the current Human Resources director. 

Melanie has also been endorsed by outstanding Island County citizens, including but not limited to:

Mitchell Allen

Stacie Burgua

Kenneth Cohen

Richard Draves

Michael Ferri

Nicholas Fowler

Thomas Fox

Dayle Gray

Sharen Heath

Jackie Henderson

Heidi Hoelting

Janet Johnston

Deborah Jones

Kimberley Jordan

Susan Lindsey-Cohen

Tamara MacKner

Janice O’Mahoney

Joni Panciera

Billie Risa-Draves

Melody Risner

James Sherman