I feel deeply committed to serve as a devoted caretaker of this amazing place known as Island County, and having lived on Whidbey Island and spent the last nine years working intimately with the Board of Island County Commissioners, I wish to continue the forward movement of both sense and compassion established by Helen Price-Johnson and other community leaders.

- Melanie Bacon

Black Lives Matter

In response to a question I have received about why my campaign "has not released a statement on any of the recent deaths of innocent Black citizens at police hands and the underlying structural problems": since May 29 I have been posting images and reposting commentary on my personal Facebook page, not my campaign page, because I refuse to use the murder of George Floyd to curry votes for my local Island County political campaign. I consider such behavior exploitive and despicable.

But if it's important to know how I feel, I refer anyone who doubts the sincerity of my passion regarding Black Lives Matter to this Letter to the Editor I wrote four years ago, in 2016, after another instance of inexcusable police violence. https://www.southwhidbeyrecord.com/opinion/letter-to-the-editor-join-in-promoting-black-lives-matter/

I also invite anyone who's interested to make a friend request to my personal page, https://www.facebook.com/snarkyhaiku

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